Make your loved ones happy and surprise them with an extraordinary gastronomic experience in the pleasant atmosphere of our restaurant.

We offer a 5-course tasting menu to choose from. You can order a voucher below.  We will be happy to issue vouchers at the hotel reception at any time, or we can send the vouchers electronically and the payment will be made by bank transfer.  Please let us know how you want to buy the voucher in the note.

5 course menu - 1090 CZK/person

Drinks are not included in the price of the tasting menu.

A gift voucher can also be issued for an amount of your choice.

A gift voucher can also be



The tasting menu is always prepared by the chef from seasonal ingredients and is presented to guests in the restaurant.  If someone suffers from an allergy to certain foods, you don't have to worry, we will be happy to adjust the tasting menu for you.

Objednat voucher

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5-course degustation menu

Price: 1090 CZK / person

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