Starters (Hot and Cold)

Venison Terrine with cranberries and quail egg 85,-
Wild Salmon Caviar with pancakes and crème fraîche 210,-
Foie gras with calvados apple and rosemary toast 129,-
Roasted Peppers stuffed with blue cheese 90,-
Beef carpaccio marinated in basil pesto, balsamic sauce and parmesan 140,-



Beef Soup with meat, vegetables Julienne and homemade noodles  50,-
Mushroom cream soup with truffle oil 60,-



Selection of lettuce salads with marinated vegetables​ 110,-
Greek Salad with cheese, olives and balsamic dressing​ 125,-
Grilled Chicken Breast on lettuce with yoghurt dressing 135,-


Main Course

Beef steak with a sauce of port wine and chips from Italian pancetta 380,-
Venison with rosemary sauce and marinated pear in red wine 390,-
Pink-Roasted Pork Tenderloin with season mushroom ragout and mushroom cream​ 210,-
Veal cutlet with mashed potatoes and spinach  190,-
Grilled Breast of Organic Chicken with spicy ratatouille​ 200,-
Fish - House Food Recommendations  



Mashed potatoes with onion 45,-
Roasted potatoes with butter 45,-
Homemade spaetzle 45,-
Dumplings – daily offer 45,-
Daily offer of grilled vegetables 45,-
Mashed potatoes with spinach 45,-



Whipped Cream with honey and caramelised nuts 70,-
Pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream 70,-
Marinated berries with ice cream 70,-